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Why USSY Collections
Brand shoes "Ussy", I founded since the end of July 2011. Where can I get this idea originated from the dissatisfaction and discomfort me as a person who loved women's shoes, especially shoes types of heels, wedges, and flat. My experience with these shoes so far are very diverse, plus the experience of the people around me are more or less get the same feeling less than satisfied as I did, it motivated me to create shoes that are comfortable when worn, beautiful when viewed, and describe personal users. Because I believe might make almost 100% female as their everyday shoes for various occasions to look perfect in front of the Adam and his own people.

Not a few women who have complaints about the particular type of shoe heels, wedges, and flat.
Besides the convenience, many women who complain have spent a lot of their money from their wallets but rarely get satisfaction from the value of goods that have been purchased.
With "Ussy" that I try to help myself and other women to be perfect. By combining the values ​​of quality and efficiency value of an item, I tried to pour what I can from my own experience and others had been through a little masterpiece of my thoughts, hoping to bring the shoes are not only present satisfaction in terms of fashion alone but also has a comfort when worn.

And with all its shortcomings, starting now "Ussy" I present to increase the diversity of fashion shoes Indonesia. Hopefully have a place in the hearts of the people of Indonesia.